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Amazing place. The staff is stellar. They make you feel great. Dr. Webb will go over everything making you feel comfortable with your procedure. — JP

You guys! This place is magical. I am new to the med spa experience. I had some issues that I wanted to correct and I went to a different med spa/doctor in October and was very disappointed with my results. Radian is very close to my office so I decided to pop in one day after I got coffee at All About Cha on Western to check their prices out. The sweet Brazilian girl at the front desk was very helpful and not at all off-put that I walked in and bombarded her with questions without an appointment. She booked me for the following week for a consultation. When you go in for your appointment, they have you wait in a separate waiting area. I suppose that it’s for privacy purposes if you have a major cosmetic procedure that the whole world does not know about it. Anyways, the facility is so beautiful.

I was also surprised that Dr. Webb did my procedure. I was not rushed…He looked at all the pictures I had brought on my phone and listened to all my frustrations. He and the nurses did not try to criticize my face & flaws to upsell me a lot of other expensive procedures. In fact… I had a budget in mind and they actually talked me out of the additional product I was planning on purchasing.

I could tell immediately following my appointment that I was going to be happy with my results. It was a total night and day difference than my last experience. Who cares if they are nice if they can’t deliver.

I got a call the following week from a nurse just to check in on me and see if I was doing ok and if I was happy with my results or had any questions. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So nice.

Anyways. I am smitten. My first trip was money well spent and I cant wait to go back. I have a facial and some laser hair removal on my wish list and they have definitely earned my trust. -HM

I am very pleased with my results at Advanced Laser and Facial Rejuvenation. I have been a patient of Dr. Webb’s for several years, receiving Hormone Replacement therapy. I have started using him for my lip filler treatments. I am very happy with my treatments and feel that the results are much better, from a cosmetic standpoint, than what I have received in the past at other providers. I will continue to use Dr. Webb for my facial dermal filler treatments and for my lip filler procedures. I feel like his artistic skill and devotion to excellence makes a huge difference in my end result. — SR

My experience at Advanced Laser and Facial Rejuvenation was excellent. Dr. Webb and his staff is caring and professional. He took plenty of time to explain what could be done to help with my needs. After asking questions, I felt totally comfortable preceding with his proposed treatment plan. I am doing things in stages which Dr. Webb recommended. It is allowing me to budget the treatments and see the results after each new treatment. Overall, I am very happy with Dr. Webb and his staff. They treated me fairly and I am happy with my results. I would recommend them to anyone looking for professional advice about having a more youthful look. — LD