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Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation Service

Award Winning Doctor Launches New Website for Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation Service


Award-winning surgeon, Kent H. Webb M.D., has announced the launch of a new website to detail the services and options available to patients of Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation in Oklahoma.

The site can be found at: http://www.laserandfacial.com/
Today’s market is saturated with messages about looking and feeling our best and the many options out there to achieve this goal. High stress levels, a poor environment, and things like obesity plague our society today. Thanks to advancements in medical technologies and procedures however, there are efficient, less invasive measures that can be taken to meet personal and societal goals for beauty and health.

To answer to this need, and to provide patients with a safe and effective location to have services done, Dr. Webb, founded Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation in Oklahoma.

The practice provides safe and effective cosmetic services including hair removal services, neuromodulator wrinkle treatment, skin resurfacing or revitalization, advanced dermal fIller procedures for non-invasive face lifting, platelet rich plasma treatments, microneedling, SmartLipo, and so much more.

Dr. Webb has been named one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumers Research Council of America for the last four years and is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, the International Academy of Facial Aesthetics, the American Society of Cosmetic Physicians and the American College of Surgeons.

The professional and relaxing environment and industry leading technology coupled with best practices and years of experience make Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation a top choice for all of the most advanced cosmetic needs.

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Stretch Mark Treatment

Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation Services

Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation, located in Oklahoma, offers services for a variety of aesthetics and cosmetic needs. The company’s missions statement includes a desire to offer “safe and effective cosmetic services in a professional, relaxing environment at the best prices.”

Home to award-winning surgeon, Dr. Kent Webb, the services come from a surgeon with years of practice and knowledge in the field of general and vascular surgical procedures.

Dr. Webb is not only well known for his Hair Restoration services, but also has been named one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumers Research Council of America for the last four years.

Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation operates Monday thru Friday for clients and offers an easy to set-up appointment scheduling form right on the website.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the services offered at Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation. This list may grow, but can give you a better feel for what services may suit you best.

Hair Removal Services:

Hair RemovalThis service is for those who find themselves having to constantly shave unwanted hair from places like their legs, underarms, bikini, chest, back – and more. With laser hair removal services, a light-based laser treatment is done over the course of a few visits to thin out hair and eventually get rid of the hair cells so they won’t keep coming back. It’s fast, pain-free and will give you smooth touchable skin that lasts.

Skin Renewal / Resurfacing/ Revitalization:

For those who have been looking to get rid of brown spots and other skin damage caused by age and years of sun damage. This delivers laser pulses of energy that stimulate collagen and targets pigment and vascularity to get skin looking youthful and fresh again.

Stretch Mark Treatment /Scar Treatment:

Stretch Mark TreatmentThe name says it all. Based on a plan that’s right for you, laser energy will pulse in the affected tissue to help break down stretch marks to improve the texture and appearance.

Dermal FIllers/ Neuromodulators:

Skin ResurfacingAs we age and our skin starts to lose its firmness, we can add more volume with dermal fillers to desired areas restoring a youthful facial appearance or even use a variety of neuromodulators such as Botox and Xeomin as a way to eliminate wrinkles caused by facial muscles of expression. Years can be taken off your appearance without surgery or downtime.

Smart Lipo:

This is perfect for targeting areas where fat deposits exist. This is a laser-based lipo suction procedure that takes traditional liposuction to a new level of comfort and recovery. It includes all of the same features of other laser treatments such as less downtime and being less invasive. All completed through tiny incisions that are virtually invisible once healed.

This is a newer addition to the services offered by Dr. Webb, and he is confident after operating on all areas of the body for over 20 years, it will be one of the most exciting areas of his practice. With superior results and reduced downtime laser assisted liposuction, known as SmartLipo will open opportunities for many patients that wouldn’t consider traditional liposuction in the past.

And there are so many more advanced services available and being introduced to expand options for patients. Check out the full listing of Advanced Laser & Facial Rejuvenation services here: http://www.laserandfacial.com/services/

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leg- vein

Advanced Laser and Facial Rejuvenation in Oklahoma

Advancements in cosmetic surgeries and health technologies today are bringing so many benefits to the way we look and feel about ourselves. No longer do we have to sit around self-conscious or worried about wrinkles, scars or other appearance issues. And it couldn’t have come at a better time than right now. Today, people are aging earlier no thanks to more stress and environmental issues than we’ve ever had.

And as technologies get better and lasers work more effectively, we now have more options to beautify ourselves and stay current with trends. iData Research, the global authority in medical device market reports for the healthcare market, recently predicted that the market for cosmetic surgery, facial aesthetics, and medical lasers, would exceed $3 billion by 2017.

Through laser treatments, people can improve the texture of their skin, reduce the appearance of stretchmarks, scars and veins, and even remove unwanted hair once and for all.

Oklahoma is a unique midwest state that welcomes the cosmetic and aesthetics industry and its patients with open arms. Southern hospitality is a trait carried throughout Oklahoma and it also helps that the state is rich in history and culture – making it a perfect destination to travel to for advanced laser and facial rejuvenation services.

To paint a better picture, think about all of the money spent by people heading to specialists for outdated and painful facial remedies in the past. Now those treatments have been replaced by much less invasive, more cost effective and reliable treatments like skin resurfacing. It’s also opened up possibilities to a whole new market of consumers who may not have considered having any drastic surgeries in the past as way to keep a fresh, youthful appearance. This same demographic can now afford and are willing to have laser treatments done to get the same effect – or better.

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